WOMEN'S Ministries


We are glad you stopped by here! Our Women’s Ministry is designed with you in mind. We want to encourage you, help you find the support you need, and help you grow in your relationship with Jesus and other women. See below for our current groups. Email us at hello@gracebibleag.com with any questions.


We all need a village, a group of friends, a circle of ladies who can help hold us up, encourage us, challenge us, and teach us more about ourselves and Jesus. This was true last year, and it is true again today. As we navigate whatever season we’re in, we encourage you to find a group.

Scroll down to learn more about our current groups/studies. As always, please reach out to us at hello@gracebibleag.com if you need help, prayer, or simply some words of encouragement!

biblical citizenship
in modern america

Now more than ever, our nation needs biblical citizens to awaken to the unity of being citizens of the kingdom of God and citizens of earth. This course offers a quick start guide to the US Constitution, with an overview of all the Articles and Amendments via interactive and fast paced presentations. Being Biblical Citizens requires a clear understanding of biblical principles and how to apply them in the ecclesia. Learn how the Founders relied on their biblical world view to secure the blessings of liberty.

Leader: Becky Robinson
April 11 to May 30 | 9-11am
Homework: Little to none

precept upon precept:

Malachi is God’s “last word” to Israel before the advent of Jesus Christ. Malachi’s mission was to rekindle the faith of a disheartened people, reminding them that God had kept, continued to keep, and would keep His word – and so must they.  The book of Malachi will challenge you to renew your spiritual vitality and to worship the Lord in the manner He desires! We will study three major messages in this book: a message of love, a message of rebuke, and a message of hope.  Won’t you join us in diving deeply into God’s Word thru this Precept Upon Precept inductive study of the book of Malachi?

Leader: Renee Dobyns
April 11 to May 2 | 9-11am
Homework: One hour daily; 5 days per week

redeeming love

Do you enjoy a good romance novel?  Join me as we read a novel by a New York Times best-selling author, Francine Rivers. Hear about her journey to salvation as she tells us the love story from the book of Hosea. We will read together Francine’s book, Redeeming Love, and an accompanying study book.

Leader: Pam Kaar
April 11 to May 23 | 9-11am
Homework: Two hours per week

relying on the
holy spirit

Learn the whole truth about the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit should inspire our awe and admiration. Unfortunately, for many believers these feelings of wonder come about as a result of puzzlement instead of adoration. The role of the Holy Spirit does not have to be a mystery in our lives, and we will miss out greatly on God’s power if we choose to ignore His Spirit.

Leaders: Sheila Dillon & Amy Ernst
April 11 to June 27 | 6-7:30pm
Homework: One hour per week

A Post-Abortion Bible Study for Women


Confidential, one-on-one, location determined by you

Hi, I’m Christie Eckert.

I used to sit in the church pews suffering in silence with guilt, shame, and grief from an abortion I had when I was 18 years old. I struggled with forgiving myself and with accepting that God really had forgiven me. I prayed for an opportunity for God to use me for His glory and to give what I had been through a purpose. I started volunteering at my local crisis pregnancy clinic. Before I could go through counselor training, I participated in a Bible study, Forgiven & Set Free by Linda Cochrane. The impact of this study was life changing. I met other women who were suffering just like me. All our stories were different but we were able to empathize and support each other and grow in our walks with the Lord. Are you one of us? God does not want you suffering in silence. He wants you to know His redeeming grace and to find lasting healing. This study walks us through issues such as relief, denial, anger, forgiveness, depression, letting go, and acceptance using God’s Word.

If you have any questions or would like to talk more, please reach out to me at (805) 791-9246 (text or call) or email me at christieeckert@aol.com.