The following groups meet on campus on Sunday mornings:

  • Homebuilders | Middle Room of Student Center
  • Connect | End Room of Student Center

  • Act II | Middle Room of Student Center
  • Lifestylers | S5/6
  • Crusaders | Community Room


Even under the best of circumstances, marriage in a blended family is challenging. From parenting to ex-spouses to past hurts, couples face many obstacles. Join us for the Blended Families Group.

Wednesdays 7-9pm in Room S5/6

We will go through a Blending Families workbook together. In Blending Families, eighteen successful stepfamilies will show you how they’ve learned to overcome. Through this life-changing workbook, you’ll discover:
• The “Day One” blended family dynamics
• How to forgive and trust again
• Successful parenting skills and techniques
• Healthy boundaries for your relationship
• Why marriage must come first
• Secrets to blending and bonding for a lifetime

Whether you’ve been married for years or just preparing for the journey, Blending Families is the essential resource to help you breakthrough and have a successful family that will thrive for years to come. Workbooks are $10. Childcare available.


We have a wonderful library filled with a variety of books and resources for people of all ages. Come check it out next time you are on campus.

Current Hours:
  • Sun: 8:30AM - 12:30PM
  • Mon: 10:00AM - 2:00PM
  • Tue: 10:00AM - 2:00PM
  • Wed: 10:00AM - 2:00PM


Meeting Times & Locations:
  • First Wednesday of the month from 5-6pm in the Community Room.
  • Third Wednesday of the month from 1-2pm in the Community Room.
  • Pre-service prayer every Sunday from 10:25am-10:55am in the Junior High Room.
  • Prayer available at the end of every Sunday service in the Worship Center.

To submit a prayer request: prayer@gracebibleag.com
For any other questions: lforbes@gracebibleag.com


Recent California legislation has made it clear that those with a Scriptural view need a resource that helps inform them about local, state, and federal issues of concern. Pulse of the Central Coast was formed to stand for righteousness in the public square and to protect essential freedoms such as religious liberty, family and parental rights ,and civil government. We aspire:
  • To educate by helping develop a deeper understanding of current issues through a Scriptural lens.
  • To equip by providing resources about specific issues.
  • To engage by providing points of contact with local/state/federal representatives.

Pulse is non-partisan and does not endorse/oppose candidates. Rather, Pulse addresses issues. For more information please contact us here.