Our Annual Budget Meeting was held on Sunday,  June 13th. The 21/22 proposed complete budget was approved by the voting members. We value your input in how the gifts of this church are stewarded, and appreciate the generous support you provide to make the ministries of Grace Bible Church possible.

You can continue to find the budget summary and breakdowns in detail below. Should you have any questions, please always feel welcome to contact the Elders at or staff at

2020 Final Budget Symmetrical (1)

Why did the budget stay flat while accounts have different amounts?

Each year our staff teams evalute how money is being spent and changes are made accordingly. We will continue to align resources to best fit the ministry needs of the current season. Our mission has not changed but models will adjust to best meet the needs of our church.

Why did the Facilites and Operations budget change?

For the past few years we have budgeted money for campus upgrades. We recently had distributions from the estates of deceased members given to us. This generosity allows us to do some campus upgrades outside of the operating budget.

Why do reserves have a slight increase?

It is our desire to be prepared as best we can for the future. Your generous giving allows us to set some money aside each month for unforeseen expenses.

Why did the Students, Kids, & Families Budget have a slight decrease?

The ministry teams are planning to not attend off campus conferences this year. Covid has forced most conferences to be put on pause. As training conferences come back, we will evaluate getting the ministry teams to the appropriate trainings.

We can’t wait to meet you. Welcome home!

An important aspect of a strong family is commitment: loving and supporting each other, working together, and identifying with family values and beliefs. Belonging to a church family is very similar and involves membership. Membership is also a commitment, expressing an individual’s identification, participation and partnership with a local church. The church is much more than an organization; it is a family in the best sense of the word.


If you’re interested in becoming a member of Grace Bible Church, we would love to meet you. The membership process has three simple steps and generally doesn’t take long.

1. Attend a membership class. The class occurs quarterly, usually on Sunday during or after the second service. We’ll talk through what we believe at Grace Bible Church (including our Statement of Faith); our church structure, Bylaws and leadership; and what it means to be a member of our community. We cover next steps and answer questions, too.

2. Complete and submit a membership application. The application is a single page with a few basic questions about your personal faith. It serves as a friendly introduction.

3. Interview with one of our elders. The interview is a helpful touchpoint that lets us meet personally, follow up on your application, and answer any questions you might have.

After the interview, based on the elder’s recommendation, our Board of Elders will vote on your membership. Upon acceptance, we’ll make every effort to welcome you into the community at a subsequent worship service. From there, you can explore opportunities to get involved or simply enjoy being a new member in the congregation.

We are excited to have you here and look forward to continuing this mission of learning to live and love like Jesus together.