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GBC Members, we want to express our gratitude for you all staying engaged with us, reading up on the information that was being voted on for this annual meeting, and taking the time to give us your position on both the budget and the by-law proposals. Results of the vote show that both the 2020-2021 budget proposal and Statement of Faith, Section 9, by-law change have passed. Thank you all again so much for your time and care that you put into this church. We are grateful to be learning to live and love like Jesus with this body.

2020-2021 Budget Approved

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SOF by-law change approved

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By-Law Change


By-Laws Article II, Section 1 details the GBC statement of faith. The following change was approved by the 2020 Member Vote to Section 9 of the Statement of Faith:

We believe in the personal, bodily and glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ. The coming of Christ, at a time known only to God, demands constant expectancy and, as our blessed hope, motivates the believer to godly living, sacrificial service, and energetic mission.