Town Hall V2
Congregational Budget Meeting


When the Apostle Paul shared his passion to proclaim Christ in all places to all people, he said it was God’s power working through his personal toil and struggle (Col 1:28-29). To “toil” here is to reach and to strain with the energizing power that God gives us to do His work. That is precisely the spirit of this year's budget that we now put before you, our faithful and generous congregation. We are reaching, or toiling, with God’s power to make people fully His.

>> REACHING UP in worship and the word...

>> REACHING IN as we disciple one another towards maturity...

>> REACHING DOWN with our eyes on the next generation...

>> And REACHING OUT to our neighbors and the nations with the gospel.

In the areas of staffing, stories, prayer, care, counseling, students, missions, and more, this budget proposal is our plan to move our mission forward. To put it plainly, this budget is our plan to REACH PEOPLE for Christ.

Please review and connect with one of our leaders in the coming weeks if you have any questions. These are exciting days to be a part of the movement of Grace Bible Church. Thank you for believing and investing in our God-given, God-sized vision. The best is yet to be!!!

Living and Loving Like Jesus,

Pastor Jason Whalen



An important aspect of a strong family is commitment: loving and supporting each other, working together, and identifying with family values and beliefs. Belonging to a church family is very similar and involves membership. Membership is also a commitment, expressing an individual’s identification, participation and partnership with a local church. The church is much more than an organization; it is a family in the best sense of the word.


If you’re interested in becoming a member of Grace Bible Church, we would love to meet you. The membership process has three simple steps and generally doesn’t take long.

1. Attend a membership class. The class occurs quarterly, usually on a Sunday afternoon. We’ll talk through what we believe at Grace Bible Church (including our Statement of Faith); our church structure, Bylaws and leadership; and what it means to be a member of our community. We cover next steps and answer questions, too.

2. Complete and submit a membership application. The application is a single page with a few basic questions about your personal faith. It serves as a friendly introduction.

3. Interview with one of our elders. The interview is a helpful touchpoint that lets us meet personally, follow up on your application, and answer any questions you might have.

After the interview, based on the elder’s recommendation, our Board of Elders will vote on your membership. Upon acceptance, we’ll make every effort to welcome you into the community at a subsequent worship service. From there, you can explore opportunities to get involved or simply enjoy being a new member in the congregation.

We are excited to have you here and look forward to continuing this mission of learning to live and love like Jesus together.