Message: “To Empower” from Jason Whalen

Jason Whalen - April 22, 2018

To Empower

Mark 16:9-20; Acts 1:8; Col 1:28-29: Our first and foremost confession is that nothing is possible for us without the power of God. God is in the business of empowering people to believe and act in ways beyond anything they though possible. Moses, “I can’t speak” (Ex 4.1-17), Jeremiah “I’m too young” (Jer 1:1-12), Gideon “I am too weak” (Jud 6:11-18). Our effectiveness as a church is rooted in God’s power in us and through us. We can’t take a single step unless we are dependent on his power to accomplish beyond all we could ask of think.

From Series: "This is Grace!"

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