Message: “Signs & Sovereignty” from Jason Whalen

Jason Whalen - February 18, 2018

Signs & Sovereignty

Mark 13:1-36 How will the end come and what should we be looking for is the question that the disciples ask Jesus. The first thing Jesus emphasizes is that they not be misled by false teachers. There is always some prognosticator ready to tell what everything means. Wars are rumors of wars are a sign of the beginning of the end so be on your guard. When the persecution comes proclaim the gospel and trust that I will give you what you are to say. The environment in which you are living will be in direct contrast to how it ought to be, so be ready. Abomination of Desolation is the actual act of the antichrist in the temple demanding worship (see Daniel 9). This is a unique period of difficulty the bible describes as the tribulation (7 years).The conditions upon which Jesus will return at the end of the tribulation. He will set everything straight so stay focused and alert. And if anyone comes and tells you when certain things will happen, they are wrong because no one knows the day or the hour that these things will happen. The final admonition at the end of verse 36 is …Stay Awake!

From Series: "The Upside-Down Kingdom"

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