We are glad you stopped by here! Our women's ministry is designed with you in mind! We want to encourage you, help you find the support you need, and help you grow in your relationship with Jesus and other women! See below for our current groups. Email us at womens@gracebibleag.com with any questions.


We all need a village, a group of friends, a circle of ladies who can help hold us up, encourage us, challenge us and teach us more about ourselves and Jesus. This was true last year, and it is true again today. As we navigate this season, we encourage you to find a group, wether in person or online. And as always ... please reach out to us if you need help, prayer, or simply some words of encouragement! You can reach us at womens@gracebibleag.com ...

Tuesday evenings

Who is Jesus? Why did He come to earth? How can I know Him? We live in a world where there’s a lot of confusion about Jesus. Too often people want to shape Him and His message to fit their personal needs or agendas. So how can we know the truth?

Join Seamless author Angie Smith in this 8-session search for truth as she unfolds the story of our matchless Savior—His mission, miracles, and message. Through her signature wit and accessible style, Angie unpacks Scripture in a way that’s easy to understand, regardless of how long you’ve been studying the Bible (a great option for new believers!). This study will deepen your understanding of Jesus through biblical, historical, and cultural insight and help you see Him less as an iconic figure and more as an intimate friend. Click here to register for this group. 

wednesday mornings

This group of moms exists to create a supportive environment where moms are encouraged to grow in their personal relationships with God, family, and other moms. Mom to Mom is geared toward moms with elementary and preschool aged children, and we have mentor moms who have older children who provide support and encouragement.

On September 7th, we will have some getting to know each other time, an introduction of our Mom to Mom team, as well as our staff team, and we will hear from guest speaker Sue Donaldson. Click here to register for this group.

thursday mornings

Parenting doesn’t stop when your child turns eighteen and in many ways it becomes more complicated.  We continue to want to be part of their lives no matter if they are living at home, frequently talk with us, or don’t check in often.  

Jim Burns in this book will help us with the tough times and the rewarding times of our continued role of parents. He has practical insights into those hard questions and how to make our relationships grow. The book tackles topics such as: giving advice; failure to launch; money; the significant other. Join me as we discuss how we continue to love our children as the independent people they are and as Christ calls us to love them. Click here to register for this group.

Often named “the fifth gospel”, the book of the prophet Isaiah has more to say about Israel’s coming Messiah than any other Old Testament book.  Brilliant, courageous, uncompromising, this prophet declared that “the year of the LORD” had come and God’s people needed to either step up or stand down.  Indeed, when Isaiah spoke, kings trembled.  But too often, when Isaiah speaks today, God’s people have trouble hearing.  Why?  We often miss the larger context.  

In these video accompaniments to the The Epic of Eden: Isaiah workbook, Dr. Sandra Richter takes participants back to the eighth century BCE.  Over the course of the study, the ten sessions will provide helpful orientation to Israel’s religion and economy, explore the definition and role of the prophets, and direct us in applying the message of this great champion of the faith to our lives today. Click here to register for this group.

In 40 Days Through the Bible: The Answers to Your Deepest Longings, you will:

-Take a journey through the storyline of the Bible in 40 days so you can see major themes, how they are all connected and what that means for us as we read the Bible today.

-Discover the eight major things humanity longs for and how Jesus fulfills all of them for us.

-Stop the endless cycle of seeking and searching for satisfaction and find the answers to your deepest longings. 

This study is an excellent overview of the Bible. Daily reading and questions are not overwhelming. It is a great study for anyone who desires to get acquainted with the Bible and see how the Old Testament and New Testament tie together. There are helpful timelines with Scripture references between each week of study to hit additional highlights. Those with extra time and curiosity can dig a little deeper. Click here to register for this group.

Our Precept group will be studying the Gospel of Matthew. This is an opportunity for us to look at the life of Jesus, His genealogy, His birth, His ministry, His teachings, His parables and miracles. We will see God’s plan for humankind realized in the life of Jesus and learn of the Revelation to come. We will be moving slowly through the chapters so that we might discover the richness of this amazing book. We will also look at all four Gospels discovering the differences and similarities between them, their authors and to whom they were writing.  We will see how Scripture aligns with Scripture in the New Testament as well as the Old-Testament. Matthew is a book of history; a book of love and compassion; of grace and mercy. It teaches truth, it holds lessons for life and it helps us see the promise of the future to come. Click here to register for this group

The kingdom of God is on the move.  For the vast majority of His life, Jesus never traveled outside of a 100-mile radius from where He was born, but today His name is spoken in every corner of the earth.  The Gospel on the Ground is the story of how Jesus’ message of hope and reconciliation began to spread from Jerusalem and how it’s still spreading like wildfire today.  Join biblical culturist Kristi McLelland for a 7-session study of the early years of the church as told in the book of Acts.  Along the way you’ll learn that the kingdom of God is always on the move, offering purpose and joy to those longing for true fulfillment.  You’ll come to understand the part you are meant to play in the redemptive story God continues to write through your life today. Click here to register for this group.


Hi – I’m Christie Eckert.  I used to sit in the church pews suffering in silence with guilt, shame, and grief from an abortion I had when I was 18 years old.  I struggled with forgiving myself and with accepting that God really had forgiven me. I prayed for an opportunity for God to use me for His glory and to give what I had been through a purpose.  I started volunteering at my local crisis pregnancy clinic. Before I could go through counselor training, I participated in a Bible study, “Forgiven and Set Free” by Linda Cochrane. The impact of this study was life changing.  I met other women who were suffering just like me. All our stories were different but we were able to empathize and support each other and grow in our walks with the Lord. Are you one of us? God does not want you suffering in silence.  He wants you to know His redeeming grace and to find lasting healing. This study walks us through issues such as relief, denial, anger, forgiveness, depression, letting go, and acceptance using God’s Word. If you have any questions or would like to talk more, please reach out to me (805)-701-9246 (text or call) or email me at christieeckert@aol.com .