We are glad you stopped by here! Our women's ministry is designed with you in mind! We want to encourage you, help you find the support you need, and help you grow in your relationship with Jesus and other women! See below for our current groups. Email us at womens@gracebibleag.com with any questions.


We all need a village, a group of friends, a circle of ladies who can help hold us up, encourage us, challenge us and teach us more about ourselves and Jesus. This was true last year, and it is true again today. As we navigate this season, we encourage you to find a group. And as always ... please reach out to us if you need help, prayer, or simply some words of encouragement! You can reach us at womens@gracebibleag.com ...

Tuesday evenings

Of all the books of the Bible, Revelation is the one that mystifies and unsettles people the most. From numerical signs to monsters, the book of apocalypse in the Bible can be difficult to wrap our minds around, but the message that Revelation really brings is hope.

In this six-session video Bible study, Bible teacher and author Margaret Feinberg digs into John's Revelation to show us how the final book of the Bible reminds us of God's power and promises during times of great suffering and persecution.

In this study you will:

Uncover the supernatural power of Jesus' names and titles.
Be equipped with tactics on how to overcome the wily ways of the enemy.
Discover how to triumph through the blood of the lamb and the word of your testimony.
Learn that, though life is not always fair, Jesus is NOT finished.
John, the author of the book of Revelation, was blessed to see what each of us longs to know, and he gave us a descriptive and poignant expression of the place, the end, and the eternity that God has promised to us. God has indeed saved the best for last, and in Revelation's pages he gives us the one thing we all long for—hope, extravagant hope.

This group begins March 21st and ends April 25th.

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wednesday mornings

This group of moms exists to create a supportive environment where moms are encouraged to grow in their personal relationships with God, family, and other moms. Mom to Mom is geared toward moms with elementary and preschool aged children, and we have mentor moms who have older children who provide support and encouragement.

We begin our winter/spring semester on Wednesday, January 18th with Vanessa Wells, who will help us get organized in the new year!  

This group is $30 per semester and $10 for childcare for the semester.

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thursday mornings

Do you ever feel misunderstood?  Do you feel at times your motives and circumstances are misinterpreted by those around you? Do you feel wrongly judged by family, friends, or strangers? The author Mary DeMuth will take us into the stories of  some famous and notorious women of the Bible. This study will help us to understand how God sees these women, how He sees us,  and how He can speak to us  about  our circumstances in the twenty-first century.

This study begins on Thursday, January 12th.

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Does your knowledge of the Old Testament feel like a grab bag of people, books, events and ideas? How many times have you resolved to really understand the OT? To finally make sense of it? In The Epic of Eden Video Study, Dr. Sandra Richter clearly and powerfully communicates a history of God’s redeeming grace, weaving together a story that runs from the Eden of the Garden to the garden of the New Jerusalem.

Through text and video teaching, Dr. Richter uses this study to bring a new dimension to the history of the ancient Near East, orienting any study group in time, geography, culture, redemption, and relevance to today — all without diminishing her reader’s faith or dumbing down the scripture.

Legendary Bible stories take on new life as Dr. Richter clearly articulates their part of a larger pattern, revealing an even deeper significance for the stories individually. The Epic of Eden video study is ideal for serious church groups wanting a meaty study of biblical text, as would anyone eager for a strategic grasp of the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Old Testament and how it relates to God’s activity in the present.

This study begins on Thursday, January 12th.

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Service is giving, and giving is the very essence of the gospel. God gave His only begotten Son. Jesus gave His life on the cross. The Holy Spirit gives us the power to resist sin and follow God's commands. It is from this abundance of what we have been given that God calls us to freely give ourselves—to actually develop a mindset in which we look first to the needs of others above our own interests.

In Developing a Servant's Heart, Dr. Charles Stanley shows how each of us have been equipped, empowered, and charged to do this as we follow the example of Jesus—the Supreme Servant.  Each study draws on Dr. Stanley’s many years of teaching the guiding principles found in God’s Word, showing how we can apply them in practical ways to every situation we face.

Each of the lessons includes:

·        Overview: A brief look at what is covered in the lesson

·        Life's Questions: A teaching from Dr. Stanley that unpacks the topic of the lesson

·        Living the Principle: Application and Bible study questions based on the key points

·        Reflection: Key takeaways to put into practice today and tomorrow

This study begins on Thursday, January 12th.

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This winter our Precept class will be continuing our study of the Gospel of Matthew.  In this second half we will cover the remaining chapters 14-28.  It is important for you to know that participation in Part 1 of this study is not a requirement for joining in Part 2.  In joining us you will find yourself gaining valuable life-impacting insights into the life of the King of kings and His teachings which will prepare you to better understand what it means to be part of the kingdom of God. Our prayer for you and this study is that you will find yourself with an increased faith that will profoundly permeate every aspect of your life.

In Part 2 we will move slowly through the lessons as we did in the first half. This gives us the opportunity to look at God’s Word with clarity and understanding. Our study is an inductive study: We will thoroughly observe the text; then we will learn to interpret what the text means; and then discover what it means to us personally. These chapters will be studied in 8 lessons over 14 weeks.  Lessons are divided into five days of study and are approximately 1 hour of study per day.

Winter Coffee Break begins January 12. Our study of Matthew Part 1 is still in progress and will continue until February 2. We will jump right into Part 2 the following week, February 9. You are invited to join in to finish up Part 1 with us on January 12, giving you a head start on Part 2.

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When we hear the name Gideon, most of us think about his 300 soldiers or the fleece he laid out under the evening sky. But Gideon’s story is so much bigger than that—bigger than any one man and his mark on Israel’s history. Like everything else in the Bible, this is a story about God and His people. His love for them, as well as His strength operating in spite of their weakness—even through their weakness. And because God’s people includes you and me, Gideon’s story is also about us—our lives, our doubts, our struggles, and our possibilities as believers. From a state of fear, weakness, and insecurity, Gideon emerged as Israel's hero, filled with God's presence and His passion for deliverance. This study will encourage you to recognize your weakness as the key that the Lord gives you to unlock the full experience of His strength in your life. In what ways do you feel insufficient? Those places create the greatest opportunity to experience the sufficiency of God. Instead of ignoring, neglecting, or trying to escape your weaknesses, see them as the gifts that they are, given specifically and strategically by God to unlock the door of God’s strength.

This study begins on Thursday, January 19th.

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Hi – I’m Christie Eckert.  I used to sit in the church pews suffering in silence with guilt, shame, and grief from an abortion I had when I was 18 years old.  I struggled with forgiving myself and with accepting that God really had forgiven me. I prayed for an opportunity for God to use me for His glory and to give what I had been through a purpose.  I started volunteering at my local crisis pregnancy clinic. Before I could go through counselor training, I participated in a Bible study, “Forgiven and Set Free” by Linda Cochrane. The impact of this study was life changing.  I met other women who were suffering just like me. All our stories were different but we were able to empathize and support each other and grow in our walks with the Lord. Are you one of us? God does not want you suffering in silence.  He wants you to know His redeeming grace and to find lasting healing. This study walks us through issues such as relief, denial, anger, forgiveness, depression, letting go, and acceptance using God’s Word. If you have any questions or would like to talk more, please reach out to me (805)-701-9246 (text or call) or email me at christieeckert@aol.com .