Sunday Morning


Children of all ages are always welcome at GBC (including the adult Worship Services). We offer a variety of Sunday morning options to fit your worship needs.

On Sunday mornings, Grace Bible Church offers engaging programs for children from birth through 6th grade. These programs are available at both the 8:45 and 10:30 services.

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Option #1: Watch the main worship service as a family. Download the worship notes below for your kids!

Option #2: Click below for this week's story, discussion starters and activities from The Gospel Project!


All kids are learning from The Gospel Project curriculum, which explores the grand narrative of Scripture and the transformative power of the Gospel. Each class presents biblical stories and concepts, with the goal of helping your child learn to love and follow Jesus. The Gospel Project follows chronologically the story of Jesus, from Genesis through Revelation over a three year period. Fall 2018 we began the story over again …


There are many opportunities to serve throughout the year, have an impact and help change lives in Grace Kids. Click below for more information about what it takes to join the team!


When you arrive, head to the check-in area located in the Preschool Wing. If this is your first time attending our Sunday morning program, head to the New Families Check-In Table. We will ask you to fill out a New Families Registration Form and then electronically check your kids into our program for the morning.

You will receive two name stickers… place one name sticker on your child and hand the other name sticker to the lead worker in your child’s classroom. When you pick up your child later in the morning, head straight to their classroom and sign them out with the lead worker.

If you have kids that you are checking in that are of kindergarten are or younger, you will also receive a security sticker that has numbers on it. Hold onto the sticker. When you pick up your child you will need to show the lead worker to show that the security code on your child's name tag matched the numbers on your security sticker.

Kids that are in 5th and 6th grade are dismissed at the end of each service - we encourage you to have a pre-arranged meeting spot.

If your family attends both services on Sunday mornings, please note that you will need to pick-up your kids after 1st service (except babies in the nursery). You will be able to then check them back in for 2nd service at 10:15. Classrooms always open 15 minutes before the service begins. 


1st Service | 8:45am | Small Group Kids Church

Transformation happens in the context of relationships. During 1st Service, kids are split up into their specific age/grade groups for a small group, relationship building, morning for the kids. In the nursery babies are rocked, played with, read to, and loved. For 2 years old through 6th grade, the kids are learning from The Gospel Project Curriculum and during 1st service they hear the Bible story, do an activity that reinforces the Bible Point of the Day, and discuss with their peers how to apply it to their life.

2nd Service | 10:30am | Inspirational Kids Church

Nursery through Kindergarten:
During 2nd service, nursery and preschool classes continue the relational small group format as 1st service. Babies are loved on, and 2 year olds through Kindergarten hear the Bible Story, have playground time, enjoy a snack, and do an activity that reinforces the Bible Point of the Day.

1st - 4th Grade (Elementary)
Following electronic check-in, 1st through 4th graders head to their individual classrooms, where they will spend time with their peers and prepare for the morning's lesson. Approximately 15 minutes into the session, the elementary classes head to large group time, where the kids all come together for a time of worship and to hear the Bible story. Following this large group time, the kids will be separated into grade specific groups (1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th grade) and head to individual rooms for a small group application time. The kids will recieve age appropriate application of the week’s Bible story and have time to build relationships with kids in their same grade. There will be adult and student volunteers serving consistently with each grade, allowing them to get to know the kids and build better relationships with them. Our desire is that kids come, have a great time with their friends, and learn how to live and love like Jesus.

5th - 6th Grade (Fifty6)
These kids meet upstairs above the gym in the Fifty6 Classroom and are learning from The Gospel Project Curriculum. They are encouraged to bring their Bibles as they study the week’s Bible story, do an activity that reinforces the Bible Point of the Day, and discuss with their peers how to apply it to their life.


We do our best to maintain healthy classrooms. But, kids are kids and it seems like there is always something going around... so, when should you definitely keep your kids home?

  • *If they have had a fever over 100 degrees within the last 24 hours

  • Diarrhea that has lasted for longer than 12 hours

  • Consistent productive cough

  • Green runny nose (clear runny nose is fine)

  • If they have had or been exposed to lice or any other contagious disease within the last 3 days

If you wouldn't let your Grandma hold them because you don't want her to get sick, then please don't bring them to us!