This past season we have been intentional about making Sunday mornings enjoyable, fun, and exciting for your kids. We have great leaders who care deeply for your sons and daughters and our team is ready to take this ministry to the next level; this means developing deeper and more intentional partnerships with you as parents.


The phase when friends are best friends, games are for competition, and your confident kid will insist, “I’ve got this.”


The phase when there’s never enough groceries, too many hormones, and a dramatic kid that needs someone to prove, “who cares”

Each phase of a kid's life provides specific challenges and opportunities we want to engage together; to meet you and your kids right where you are. We want to make sure we’re asking the most significant questions for kids according to their age and stage, and challenge them to trust Jesus into their futures with all their heart, soul, and strength. We deeply want to help you win at home the rest of the week as well, providing simple and effective parenting cues on a consistent basis. 


We will step alongside you as you provoke discovery so your 4th and 5th-grade kiddos will trust God’s character and experience God’s family and so your 6th-grade kiddos will own their own faith and value a faith community. As a parent of a 4th or 5th grader, your role is to engage their interests, and 6th-grade parents - your role is to affirm their personal journey. It’s just a phase … so don’t miss it!


New to Grace Bible Church? We encourage you to fill out our New Familiy Information Form prior to arriving and then visit the New Families Table. We will answer any questions you may have and show you where the drop off locations are!

pre-teen leadership team

Do you love Jesus and love kids? We encourage you to fill out our Confidential Volunteer Application to start the conversation! There are many different volunteer opportunities within Family Ministry at Grace Bible Church, from being inside the classroom directly with kids to prepping crafts at home while you watch TV or your child hangs out with their friends!


Every Sunday at 11 am we have in-person worship gatherings for our preteen kids (4th, 5th, and 6th grade). We have partnered with Orange Curriculum in 2022 to encourage our discipleship strategy, helping young people love God and others from birth through graduation. 

We will step alongside you as you provoke discovery so your 4th and 5th-grade kiddos will trust God’s character and experience God’s family and so your 6th-grade kiddos will own their own faith and value a faith community. 

Classrooms open at 10:45 am! When you arrive on campus check your kids in at one of our check-in locations (or via the Church Center App on your way to church). Our preteen kids meet in the gray brick building off of our courtyard.

We have a team of consistent adult and student volunteers each week with the kids. Every one of our volunteers remains current on background checks and has completed a thorough training process.

mid-week programming

We gather quarterly to spend time together in a context that creates space for deeper connection via relationships. Often (but not always) themed, we celebrate each other and the season. We will play games, eat, and create memories together as a group.



Frequently asked questions

Check-in is available near the entrance doors by parking lot b (the larged terraced parking lot on the east side of campus). There are self check-in stations along the wall or if you need help you can visit the new families station and a member of our check-in team will assist you.

For all events and activities on the GBC campus people are free to wear masks if they desire. We do not require it.

  • In order to keep your child safe, we have the following steps for your family to check-in.
    1. Check-in at one of the check-in locations using your phone number
    2. Confirm that the drop off person is listed accurately
    3. Print out your child’s name tags. There will be 3 stickers (2 name tags and 1 security tag). 
      1. One name tag goes on the child
      2. One name tag goes on the clipboard at their drop off location
      3. Hold onto the security tag - you will need that at pick up. 
    4. Walk your child / student to their drop off location

You will pick up your child at the same place you dropped them off. You will need to show the leader in your child’s room your security label in order for your child to be released to you.