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Junior High Students are encouraged to join us November 11th - 12th as we gather with other churches in SLO County for a weekend to worship together. Awaken is an overnight event that includes a wide variety of activities from mini-golf, inflatables, tournaments, bungee jumping and will feature a theme that builds on what it means to have a new life in Christ.

For event details and the link to register, click here!


JH Groups

Every Sunday at 11 am we have in-person worship gatherings for our junior high kids (7th and 8th grade). We utilize a discipleship strategy, helping young people love God and others from birth through graduation.

We will step alongside you as you provoke discovery so your 7th and 8th grade kiddos will own their own faith and value a faith community.

Doors open at 10:45 am! Our junior high kids meet in our Junior High Room.

We have a team of consistent adult and student volunteers each week with the students. Every one of our volunteers remains current on background checks and has completed a thorough training process.

7th Grade …

The phase when nothing you do is cool, what they feel right now matters most, and one suddenly social kid wants to know, “Who’s going?”

8th Grade …

The phase when it’s cool to have choices, it’s not cool to answer questions, and one smart kid will remind you, “Yeah …I know.”

Each phase of a kids life provides specific challenges and opportunities we want to engage together; to meet you and your kids right where you are. We want to make sure we’re asking the most significant questions for kids according to their age and stage, and challenge them to trust Jesus into their futures with all their heart, soul, and strength. We deeply want to help you win at home the rest of the week as well, providing simple and effective parenting cues on a consistent basis. 

We will step alongside you as you promote discovery so your 7th and 8th grade kiddos will own their own faith and value a faith community. As a parent of a 7th or 8th grader, your role is to affirm their personal journey. It’s just a phase … so don’t miss it!