During these disorienting times it is increasingly evident that our kids need Christian community and care more than ever. As parents, we need support and partnership more than ever. Sunday mornings at 11am we have on campus in-person worship gatherings for kids (nursery through 6th grade).

Check your kids in (either at one of our check-in locations or via the Church Center App on your way to church!). Then simply take them to a drop off location (see image below) Note: pick up locations are the same as drop off locations. All kids must be checked in prior to heading to the drop off locations.

New to Grace Bible Church? We encourage you to fill out our New Family Information Form prior to arriving and visit the New Families Table. We will answer any questions you many have and show you where the drop-off location are!

Questions? Contact us at kids@gracebibleag.com


CAMP 2021

Amidst the many difficulties and challenges of this past year, we are hopeful and excited about what the Lord has in store for 2021.  We are working and planning towards summer 2021, and we are glad to announce that registration will open on February 17.

Camp 2021 is for all students who will be in 5th through 12th grade in Fall of 2021!
Wagon Train (5th & 6th grade),  Meadow Ranch (7th & 8th grade), and Ponderosa (9th - 12th grade)

As we get closer to the start of camp in the months to come, we’ll keep you informed on the specifics of all our updated COVID-19 related safety modifications and protocols designed to keep you and your students safe at camp.

While we all continue to face the challenges and difficulty of navigating and planning for an unknown future, we place our trust in the Lord, and the Truths we find in His Word, knowing that He is Sovereign. And we pray that Jesus would bring a renewed refreshment to your soul this year, as we look forward to seeing you at Hume this summer.



We ask that if your child is sick that you keep them at home. We ask that you only check your kids in if ALL of the following is true:

  • Your child has not had a fever of 100 degrees or higher in the past 24 hours.

  • Your child is not experiencing shortness of breath, diarrhea, vomiting, a sore throat, a productive cough, or a green runny nose.

  • In the last 3 days your child has not been exposed to lice or any other contagious disease.


Kids/Students don't social distance well. How do we control this on a Sunday?

We will do our best to encourage social distancing using floor markings, communicating expectations, and giving a lot of grace.

Don't kids need to be with their parents on Sundays?

Yes. We are making the determination that being on campus, outdoors, within 100 yards of a family member is still "with" their families. We are considering kids as 6th grade and under.

Will kids be kept in consistent groups?

In accordance with the California Department of Public Health, we will do our best to keep kids in cohorts.