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The Church has left the building. We always proclaim that the Church is a people and not a building and more than ever during these unique times we must be intentional, creative and faithful in the way we minister to one another and to this community that God so dearly loves.  Beyond caring for your family and your geographical neighbors we as a church family have some opportunities to take action and be the church here and now in this unique time in history.


If you visit our Global Missions page, you'll notice that GBC partners with a handful of missionaries in Albania. We now have the opportunity to work with them on a wider level, and by that, I mean YOU can partner with CRU Albania. How, you ask? CRU is seeking to provide conversational English for their college freshmen. For these courses, they are seeking native English speakers who can video call with 1 student for 1 hour once a week for a six-week program. This program acts as a way to help students in Albania develop skills in the English language through conversation with a native speaker, as well as doubles as a way to share the love of Jesus. Want to help? Email hello@gracebibleag.com if you're interested.


Coastal Community Church is offering a new tutoring program for students who need some extra help navigating learning via distance, as well as for parents who may need time to run some errands or may have barriers to assisting their child with school work. There is no tutoring experience required to help; we are simply looking for folks who want to serve families within the community in a very practical way. For more information or to sign up to help, click here.


Last year, GBC sent over 800 shoe boxes filled with gifts to children in need around the globe. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 is a very important year! GBC volunteers will hand out empty shoeboxes and collect full shoe boxes at GBC between October 25th and November 22nd before and after Sunday morning service in the East Parking Lot. The shipping costs for all shoeboxes will be covered be the GBC OCC Memorial Fund.

If you have any questions regarding this service opportunity, please contact Brian Kaub at (831) 594-1405 or Glenn Vanderplate at (805) 440-8808.


Captive Hearts
Our mission is “Bringing Healing to Hurting Humanity.” We are dedicated to providing practical and spiritual training to rehabilitate broken men and women. Our goal is to prepare these individuals to return to their families and communities, healed from the chains of addiction. By “Bringing Healing to Hurting Humanity“, those we counsel and mentor can realize their dreams as they move into their destiny, learning how to recover, how to break free from their addictions, anger and grief, and how to set boundaries in their lives–tools they will need once they enter back into society.

Sherri Masters - 805.305.1928 or sherrimasters@hotmail.com

Families in Transition (FIT)
The Lucia Mar Families in Transition Program assists families facing housing challenges. They are funded by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act, which is a federal law ensuring immediate enrollment and educational stability for homeless children and youth.  There are times, however, when this program needs additional support, and your monetary donations would help them purchase everything from toothpaste and lunches to Chromebooks and AP Testing for the homeless youth on our Central Coast.   For more information, contact Shaun at 805.215.5152

Good News Club
Good News Club aims to evangelize boys and girls in schools, homes, churches, and just about anywhere they can easily and safely meet with their parent’s permission.

Because of the school closures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's club has come to an end. However, if possible, this summer the club will host Good News Camp. If you'd like to help with facilitating camp, please email hkutch@gracebibleag.com.


Lifeline shares the love of Christ and information on alternatives to abortion for women and girls in our local community. We offer critical support, mentoring, and healing.

Lifeline also has a job opportunity that will move forward once the county reopens for people who have experienced the loss of job due to the pandemic. If you are interested in a part-time position, or would like to volunteer as a receptionist, please call 805.481.4987.


People's Kitchen
People’s Kitchen serves as an emergency food resource for homeless and vulnerable members of the Five Cities community. We provide hot meals and safe haven. For more information, contact Nancy at 805.489.3254 or Betsy at 805.489.9046.

Shelter and Rain
Shelter and Rain is dedicated to the freedom, protection and restoration of human trafficking survivors through anti-trafficking efforts, as well as educates communities about trauma so that they may aid in empowering survivors.



Our weekly Missionary Prayer Calendar can be found on the gracebibleag.com homepage. It is updated every Sunday with new requests for our missions partners around the globe. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer!


Financially support our local and global Missions efforts HERE.