Pro-tips on finances, marriage and parenting. Who needs those, right?

For all the rest of us, Grace Bible Church offers foundation courses for key areas of life. Let’s live, learn, and figure out the challenging issues together. Come with your tough questions.

One down and two to go! Our livestream event on the topic of Finances is ready for your viewing on this page if you just scroll down. Below that you'll see that we have two more upcoming classes on the topics of Parenting and Marriage with special guest Brent Estes, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. These classes are here to foster great discussion and help us all as we navigate life, especially in a pandemic.

These classes are open to anyone and everyone and free of charge, so invite a friend or three! Click on any of the courses below to sign-up. Each course will be held at at 7:00pm on their respective dates.