Pro-tips on finances, marriage and parenting. Who needs those, right?

For all the rest of us, Grace Bible Church offers foundation courses for key areas of life. Let’s live, learn, and figure out the challenging issues together. Come with your tough questions.

We've just wrapped up our current round of Foundations events! It has been such a great experience talking to experts in the areas of Finances, Parenting and Marriage as we were joined by a financial coach, Victor Devens, and local Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Brent Estes. You can watch all three of these videos just below and also access the follow-up resources for each topic. Follow-up resources include books, apps, and websites provided by our special guests.

But Foundations doesn't stop here! Scroll down to join a Group that will further explore one of these topics. Finances will take the form of a 9-week Financial Peace University class with Victor. The Marriage and Parenting groups will be in a 4-week, small group format. Scroll down to sign-up.