Adults need fellowship, too. It never hurts to have a tribe.

Grace Bible Church offers several Adult Bible Fellowship groups for specific life stages. Enjoy relevant teaching, spiritual support, friendship, and lots of coffee in a large group context.

Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) are life-stage-specific classes that meet on Sunday mornings for teaching and fellowship. The classes are available at either 8:45 or 10:30 and range in size from 15-75. If you see one that suits you, feel free to show up and check it out. We’ll save you a seat.

If you have any questions about an Adult Bible Fellowship, please contact Pastor Bruce Neff. He’s happy to help!

8:45 AM

  • Connect | Room S5/6 (across from the nursery)
    Connect is multi-generational –  young adults, singles, young couples, older couples, and anyone else in between. Everyone is welcome! Average aged attendee is 35+
  • Homebuilders | Courtside 1
 (off of the gymnasium)
    Homebuilders is for adults with school-age children. Average aged attendee is 50+

10:30 AM

  • Crusaders | Community Room
    Crusaders is a teacher led bible study. Average aged attendee is 70+
  • Lifestylers | Courtside 2 (off of the gymnasium)
    Lifestylers studies various biblical topics, enjoys serving others and fellowship. Average aged attendee is 70+
  • ACT II | Courtside 1 (off of the gymnasium)
    ACT II studies various biblical topics and enjoys fellowship with one another. Average aged attendee is 65+