2021 is the year! Get into Scripture every day as a community.


We believe that God speaks through the Bible. The Bible provides wisdom, encouragement and authority that we submit to as Christ followers. Being in Scripture is an essential piece of following Christ; to continually hone skills of humility and discernment as we listen more and more to what God would have for us and how to interact with the world today.

The Bible Project functions to make Scripture accessible and engaging. This year, we invite you to read just a few pages a day and to watch brief videos through the Bible Project that provide contextual information and deeper understanding on each book as we read through them. This is a program through which we can develop greater knowledge and faith through pursuing God's Word, all while growing together as a community as we learn and maybe even engage with Scripture in a new way.

Click the buttons below to view the reading calendar for the year and read on the Bible App.